Glory Film Co. director Marcus Dillistone (above) has produced films in many sectors, from the cinema, to TV and Commercial films. One of the most succesful has been pharmaceutical communications.

Working with agencies and/or directly with clients, Marcus' films have gained numerous medical industry awards.

Marcus' technical understanding and communication skills have enabled him to explain complex concepts with great speed and clarity to specialist and general medical audiences alike.

Highlights include:

A multi award-winning 'awareness/training' series on Osteoporosis.

A multi award-winning training & awarness film on the treatment of depression.

An award winning pharmaceutical commercial.

An antibiotic brand-building exercise following the expiry of the manufacturers' exclusive license.

A GP training film on the treatment of Otitis media.

Marcus harnesses his broad experience which includes TV and cinema projects (with a Royal Premiere to his name) to create powerful communications with a unique and appealing 'twist'.

The Glory Film Co. team employs the latest production techniques and technologies to deliver work of great value.

Marcus is a production consultant to Apple, JVC, Quantel and Fujifilm. He has spoken on production issues at leading international production conferences such as IBC in Europe, and NAB in the USA.

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Commissioned to present the worldwide significance of osteoporosis. In three modules the film presents; an overview of the problem, an explanation of bone remodelling, and a summary of treatment options. The creative approach won numerous international awards.



The film presented this mass-market fertility monitoring system to commercial backers with a view to building a production plant. The short film explained with great clarity the relevance of the system and indicating the scale and profitability for the system.


Otitis Media
Using a highly appealing and relevant child-based creative treatment, the film explained the key issues and considerations for the treatment of otitis media. It brought GPs and medical professionals 'up to speed' with issues surrounding this commonly presenting problem.


Brain and Spine
The tendency amongst trainee doctors to take less interest in the long-term treatment of sometimes 'unfixable' problems such as spinal injury led to this series of thought-provoking teaching support modules for use in medical schools.


Medical R&D
Massive changes in the production and testing of molecules for drug production were explained in this stylish film. The production was designed to present the commissioner at the cutting-edge of medical R&D.


Non-ulcer dsypepsia
The treatment of NUD has been a medical success story, but accurate diagnosis has been (in certain sectors) rather 'hit-and-miss' leading to faulty diagnosis. This film presents the considerations for diagnosis and the diagnostic options available.


A common and chronic condition which affects a huge proportion of the population, yet is sometimes viewed as a medically untreatable 'sadness' issue. This film was used extensively for training sales representatives.


Volunteer recruitment & fundraising
An Introduction to RDA was a film made by Glory and donated to the Riding for The Disabled Association. HRH The Princess Royal (RDA President) participated in this highly successful short film designed to attract much needed volunteers (and funds).

After its license expiry, the client wanted to present itself as the 'brand to trust', and the leading quality producer of a drug which was about to become available in a generic form. The film 'A Quality Viewpoint' showed the relentless quality control employed in the production of injectable drugs intended for extremely vulnerable patients.


Still from a film showing the high quality production of injectable antibiotics on an industrial scale.