Marcus Dillistone

Glynis Isom
Sue Fleetwood
Production - Fitting Images

Written by
Sue Fleetwood (Fitting Images)
Marcus Dillistone

GlaxoSmithKline (SKB)

John Rosenberg
Danny Grant

Graphics (2D & 3D)

Sound design
Julian Scott

Richard Hohman


Production team
Venetia Rickerby

Carmela Ammadio



Pharmaceutical Case History
Glaxo - A Quality Viewpoint

This film was commissioned at the time when a client's drug was coming off license. The client wanted to present the "absolute quality" of its product though its production facility, production processes and quality control.

GSK wanted to be seen as deliverying the best possible quality in a newly competitive market - an antibiotic in oral and injectable forms, for very sick patients (children) where "failure is not an option" .

The film required very careful planning and execution as it was shot in a sterile production plant. The production was careful scheduelled around other maintenace down-time, causing minimum inconvenience.

Members of the drug's production team we used to narrate their story, this technique forther demonstrated the passion and committment of each individual in achieveing consistant excellence.

Director Marcus Dillistone and cinematographer John Rosenberg delivered a stunning visual metaphor for quality in a very difficult and demanding environment.

Glaxo was delighted with the result, and the film led to the commisioning of further productions.

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