Lights 2 DVD

The above image is the Main Menu screen from the recent NTSC Multiregion DVD of Lights 2. The DVD was produced especially for Fujifilm USA's launch of Eterna 500 in North Hollywood on 23rd Feb 2004. (image at 25% resolution).

The DVD was a fast turnaround project produced by Glory Film Co. in association with Stream to meet the film's impending screening date. The DVD carries a director's commentary by Marcus Dillistone as an alternative to the main mix.

On this DVD the soundtrack is stereo only - 5.1 surround sound will feature on future discs. The mix was completed by Paul Stefanidis.

To maintain consistency of image throughout media, a 35mm interpositive of Lights 2 (made by Deluxe) was transferred at 2k onto HD-D5 via the C Reality at St. Anne's Post. The HD-D5 is the master for all video versions of the film.

The film's master interpositive includes all of the film timing/grading decisions, thus its use for telecine obviated the need for a total regrade in the digital domain. However, to ensure the best results in the transfer from the film colourspace to the video/digital colourspace. Minor 'tweaking' was carried out on a Davinci 2k.

Soon, more comprehensive DVD's in both NTSC and PAL will be produced for international distribution. These DVDs will carry a host of useful extra feaures such as language subtitles, technical subtitles and 5.1 surround sound.