• Officer's chabraque (saddlecloth)
The Troop is an epic 35mm CinemaScope short film produced by Glory Film Co. It had a Royal Premiere at BAFTA, after which a copy was requested by HM The Queen to screen to her Christmas guests at Sandringham.

The Troop features the voice of Sir John Mills, and a sweeping score performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It was produced and directed by Marcus Dillistone, and shot to feature-film standards by Oscar-nominated cinematographer Alex Thomson BSC.

In 2016, to coincide with the Royal Artillery's 300th anniversary, a digital cinema version of the film is planned, opening-up many new screening opportunities around the world.

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This highly acclaimed film was supported by Panavision, Technicolor, FujiFilm, Allan Chapman James and Quantel.

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