Glory Film Co. was delighted to be able to produce a promotional (information) film for the Riding for the Disabled Association. The idea originated in a discussion between Marcus Dillistone and HRH The Princess Royal at BAFTA.

The 13 min video recognises the considerable benefits RDA activities bring to the lives of physically and mentally disabled people acrioss the UK. It features a number of RDA participants; riders, carriage drives and volunteers. The princess Royal also features in an interview recorded in Leeds during a Royal visit. The Princess gives a perspective on the work of RDA from Her Royal Highness' position as the longstanding RDA President.

Funds from the charity premiere of The Troop were used to 'pump prime' the project, and it was subesequently completed with donations from Glory as a charitable initiative. The finished film was produced at no cost to RDA.

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You can now download a compressed version of the whole RDA film onto your computer.

The film is a 12min 39 sec long Quicktime file which is 59.1Mb. This is a big download, especially for a standard modem, so plan an overnight downoad or use a broadband connection.

Your computer may already have a Quicktime software to enable you to play the film, if not go to and download the software - it's free!